Clothes don’t make the man/woman.


Sure there’s a lot more to a person than what she or he wears.  But clothes can definitely change one’s outlook, attitude, and behaviors.

W magazine published a piece about this very notion called “Risque Business.”  In it the author shares her metamorphosis from good girl to brazen, confident women as a result of wearing the fetishistic-looking fashion seen this season.  Latex dresses aren’t just form-fitting outfits.  They are a message to the self and the rest of the world that you have attitude, chutzpah and some mystery too.  And the story you tell yourself by donning such an outfit, as the author points out, WILL change your behavior.

And isn’t one’s behavior and attitude really a reflection of who one is anyway?

I have a black Helmut Lang dress from a decade and half ago.  At first blush it looks rather prim.  It’s a sleeveless sheath, cut high at the neck and it hits a bit above the knee.  BUT, it has a special feature: a black ribbon draped around the dress making it appear that I’m kinda tied up.  When ever I wear that dress, I feel like I can kick some major ass.  And sometimes I do!

See below for the dress


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