When guys say they find au natural girls the most appealing, I’ve always thought they are full of shit.  And now it’s been proven:  Research now shows that a made up puss is a huge plus.

According to The Association for Psychological Science (“Beauty is the in the Eye of the Beholder”), men will respond as favorably to women with make-up as to women with symmetrical facial structures — a stronger marker of physical beauty.  Of course I’m not talking about clown make-up or looking like you’re playing dress up.  I’m referring to how you look when you put on some make-up before a night on the town.

In one study, women wearing make-up were “approached by men more, and approached faster, by men at a bar than they were on nights without make-up.”

And if you smile, even better!  The research showed that if these same women smiled at the men in the bar, they were much more likely to be hit on and “judged more favorably.”

Moral of the story?  Not only does make-up work in your favor, but add a smile to that and you’ll be considered just as hot as the model with the “perfect” facial features standing right next to you.


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