I was visiting my parents recently and my fashionable mom was handing me some of her closet rejects.  We aren’t the same size but we’re close enough so we sometimes trade duds.  She handed me a shirt sized medium.  I told her it would never fit me.  She nudged me to try anyway saying, “Didn’t you read the article about sizes having 0 meaning anymore?”She was referring to the New York Times article, “One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking A Steady 4 or a 10.”  The story explains how sizes are so meaningless now that someone can wear a size 6 in one store’s merchandise and size 0 in another.  The result?  Shoppers must take loads of different sizes into the dressing room because they never know what will fit.

Ugh, what a time suck.  Plus we must face endless disappointment as we try on things that don’t fit and make us look like crap.

People are getting sick of it.  So much so that Unique Solutions developed My Best Fit, a machine that scans your body and then tells you which size of jeans fits you best so that you can avoid sizing ambiguity.  It may not solve all sizing dilemmas but at least it’s a start.

Clearly the shops and designers are playing with our psychology.  If we think we’re fitting into a smaller size, than we’ll be happier and end up buying their products, right? So, they’ve deflated their sizes.  How pathetic.

Is it truly better to believe we’re a smaller size and all the while know we’ve been duped? Personally I’d rather feel smart than 1 size smaller.

Two sizes maybe, but – just kidding!

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