Tod’s has a cool new app: My Life is in this Bag.  The app gives a peek inside stylish women’s Tod’s bags.  Not only do I think it’s fun, but it gives luxury brands another example of how to share their experiences and stories in the digital space.


Fashion and luxury brands have had a hard time reconciling the exclusivity of their brands with the openness of the digital space.  What do I mean?  For eons, luxury and fashion brands have maintained a purposeful distance from customers, displaying their products like rare artifacts only a few could ever enjoy.  But the digital world is open to, well, everyone.


Slowly but surely, fashion and luxury brands are finding a way to resolve this tension. Burberry’s Art of the Trench is a great example.  In an artful way, Burberry enables the exclusive community of Burberry wearers to show their love for the brand via pictures of themselves wearing their own Burberry trenches.  In doing so, Burberry wearers tell their stories to others and reflect their lifestyle.  The result: Burberry is doing much more than a typical catalogue-like display of products.  Instead it’s

(1) reinforcing and enhancing the love people have for the brand and

(2) communicating the brand’s “dream,” i.e., the aspirational lifestyle of those who can afford it.


Like Burberry, Tod’s app is letting people share their stories.  Of course the bags are central to the app, but it’s the lifestyle of the wearers’ that truly captures the imagination and perpetuates the dream of the brand.


Kudos to Tod’s.  Can’t wait to add it to my apps!

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