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Decoded by Abigail Posner: A 15-minute, bite-sized interview show, dropping twice a week.

Dig a bit deeper into everyone’s lives and you’ll uncover fascinating stories — stories that entertain and enlighten. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people understood one another and, by comparison, understand themselves at a deeper, anthropological level?

Decoded is a series of conversations in which Abigail Posner, cultural anthropologist & sleuth-savant (and Google exec and beauty blogger), decodes people’s “worlds” in an insightful, often funny, and always engaging way.

With the energy of a NYC street, Decoded meets at the intersection of technology, culture, and comedy. Posner has no qualms about jumping in head first, challenging norms, and, with the precision of a trapeze artist and a whole lot of humor, peels back all the layers revealing those hidden “why’s” that lie beneath the crazy normal lives of people.

“Ever look at the world and think…WTF? Me too. In fact my whole career is based on it. So consider me on a mission to go figure out what makes us tick by sitting down with humanity and letting them talk.”

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