Plastic surgery sure gets its share of criticism: it reflects how vain we are that we’re willing to put ourselves at risk; it’s another sign of America’s ageism and worship of youth; it perpetuates a myth of physical perfection.
While I may not have the courage (or weakness, depending on how you look at it) to go under the knife in the near future, I don’t condemn any one who does.  There are plenty of people who feel better about themselves as a result.  Who am I to criticize that?
But whether you condone or condemn the practice, there’s some new trends that can make you feel good.  According to a new study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported in New York Magazine, 6 out of 8 types of surgeries have decreased and only 2 have increased since 2000.  A big explanation is the major increase in fillers and injections.
But what’s really interesting about this data is not the number of types of surgeries but which types of surgeries are down.  You see, liposuction, nose jobs and eyelid surgeries are among the kinds of treatments that are down significantly (43%, 35%, 36% respectively), while breast implants and lifts are up (“Breast-Enhancement Surgeries on the Rise; Rhinoplasty and Lipsocution Are Less Popular”).  Why does this matter?  Because liposuction, nose jobs and eyelid surgeries tend to be efforts of non-Anglo Caucasions to fit in to the stereotypical image of beauty.  In other words, more men and women are loving their natural “ethnic” looks.
Now we have to just start loving our “aging” looks too…

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