Toronto doctor, Xialoan Zhao, has received a lot of press for her new book on traditional Chinese beauty treatments, Inner Beauty: Feeling and Being Your Best. Her basic point is that Western women pay too much attention to correcting the outer body with invasive surgery.  And this worrying about and attention paid to beauty is causing a lot of psychological illnesses that in turn are making us less attractive!
Ok, I’m all for exercise, sleep and a proper diet, as well as developing our inner selves.  But, modern medicine has given us some amazing, no critical, beauty products!  Sunscreen, for example, is (assuming we use it properly) the best invention ever for keeping our skin relatively damage and cancer-free.
While I’m sure her book is a wealth of great beauty treatments and rituals, I don’t believe in subscribing to one beauty religion.  There is brilliance all around us and we just need to be open-minded and smart about all of it.

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