No full face veils allowed in France reports The New York Times. The bruhaha over headscarves isn’t new in France but now it’s escalated to an outright ban (“France enforces ban on full face veils“).  The government’s explanation is that, like the burqua, such coverings are “contrary to the ideals we have of a woman’s dignity.”
As you can imagine, this ban has stirred up quite a shit storm in Europe.  As well is should.
Count me among those who support the dignity of woman.  No big surprise there since I am, after all, a woman!  But I certainly don’t advocate a government deciding which clothes thwart or encourage a woman’s dignity.  Are bare midriffs a true reflection of women’s dignity any more than covered heads?  As someone who grew up amongst orthodox Jewish women who cover their heads, along with their arms and legs, I can’t imagine a ban on their attire.
As an American, I can’t fathom a restriction on my religious observance.  And, perversely, this ban, sponsored by secular progressives, reminds me of reactionary clothing restrictions placed on women in the 19th century, e.g., long, constricting skirts and tight corsets to literally keep women in their place.
The idea that a government can tell me which clothes truly reflect my dignity is ridiculous.  If anything the French government DOESN’T respect women enough to let them express themselves freely.

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