I came a cross a story of an art exhibit at the USC Fisher Museum of Art called the “Everyday Sacred.”  As you can imagine from the name, the art work displays beautiful images of everyday events and experiences, like a group of friends ordering food at a restaurant or a woman getting a manicure.

This story intrigued me immediately. For one thing, in our research into people’s love for the digital space, we learned that people spend so much time sharing, viewing and commenting on pictures online.  But the majority of the images are NOT shots of amazing feats or the obscure piece of artwork.  No way.  They are often pics of everyday things — a latte, my dog, your dinner from last night.  But, these shots are displayed or juxtaposed in such a way to offer us a new perspective on that everyday thing.

Why do we care?  Because we all want to know that our everyday lives — what we wear, where we live, what we eat — aren’t mundane but full of beauty, intrigue and wonder.

So when I saw this story about the exhibit, I was excited.  Not only did it affirm our theory but it was quite beautiful to see.  Just like the rest of us, I need to remind myself of the beauty of everyday.  I tend to run around, always trying to get to that next stage of life thinking if I just get there then life will be more beautiful, happy and fulfilling.

But will it?  Maybe.

Even so, our current lives are also pretty damn beautiful, happy and fulfilling.  I — we — to have remember this.

Starting now.

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