Week in Review: 9/9-9/15

On the West Coast this week but that didn’t stop us from having a point of view on beauty. ¬†But, unfortunately, it did mean we couldn’t submit a full week’s worth of Beautyskew reading ūüôĀ
While we may not agree on her attire, clothing means just as much to my tom-boy 6 year old Weekend Observations: Kids Feel It Too
How a disability turned into a unique way of capturing beauty; its inspiring! Pic of the Week: Using a Disability As An Art Form
Some curated beauty-in-culture reading for the weekend More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Happy Jewish New Year!


Week in Review: 9/3-9/8


Back to School (And work ;))!
The political power of clothes as experienced by enslaved women Weekend Observations: Clothing is Power
Highly buzzed-about Ukrainian Sleeping Beauty exhibit.  See why! Pic of the Week: Sleeping Beauty Installation Leading to Real Life Marriages
You’d think after years of communist rule China would have changed its views on women and beauty. ¬†Not so much. Why Are Age-Old Beauty Values So hard To Break?
Curated beauty-in-culture reading for a leisurely weekend afternoon! More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Summer is almost over, enjoy the outdoors this weekend!

Week in Review: 8/26-9/1

While basking in the beauty of the Cape, we shared our musings on beauty:
How a natural food store speaks to something deep inside us Weekend Observations: Can Our Intuition Lead Us to Beauty?
Water wigs: no need for Rogaine!? Pic of the Week: Temporary Relief for All You Lovely Balding Men
Should women give up tending to their beauty in order to unshackle ourselves from men’s focus on our outer selves? ¬†We think NOT Not Slaves , But Not Nuns Either
More great reading we’ve curated More to Love: Additions ¬†to the Reading List

On my way back to real life…see you from the other side soon!


Week in Review: 8/19-8/25

In the Cape this week but still had some free time to share our thoughts on beauty in culture.  Take a look:

Why is that we change settings and we feel so different…so far away from our other lives; and what does it mean for our appreciation of beauty?¬†Weekend Observations: A New Place, A New Perspective

Isn’t amazing how an image can conjure up so many other senses –sight, smell, sound and even taste? Pic of the Week: A Taste of the Cape

A neuroscience take on why we are attracted to art. Why Are We Attracted to Art? A Neuroscience POV

More fascinating reading from the week’s sources More to Love: Additions to The Reading List

Have an amazing end-of-the-summer weekend!



Week in Review: 8/12-8/18

Was on the road again a lot this week but got to experience the beauty of Chicago and Atlanta. ¬†Here’s what we shared:

A story that woke me up to the fact that the little extras can make a huge difference Weekend Observations: A Story That Scared Me Stiff

It’s amazing the beauty that you literally stumble upon on the streets of NYC¬†Pic of the Week: Cool Feminist Street Art

When people who don’t understand math think they can tell a story about beauty and unhappiness. Ugh!¬†Oh Come On … This Study is Ridiculous!

More fun beauty-in-culture reading.  More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

On my way to the Cape!¬†I’ll be sure to capture all the beauty that I encounter ūüôā

Week in Review: 8/5-8/11

Lots of model “talk” this week. ¬†Take a look:

How I’ve discovered getting the glance or two as I age¬†Weekend Observations: Still Want to Get Noticed? ¬†Wear Something Amazing

Great to see an older woman looking awesome in a beauty ad Pic of the Week: Another Gorgeous Woman Past the Typical Model Age

Why I think Cover Girl has made a great move Great News: Pink is the New Cover Girl

Get more of your fill of reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Week in Review: 7/22-7/27

Lots of fun discussions this week…take a look:

Is a woman’s height now a success factor in the boardroom?¬†Weekend Observations: Women, Height & Power

Microsoft celebrates the beauty of and the beauty that’s inspired by the digital space¬†Pic of the Week: This Data-Fueled Space is Filled with and Inspires Beauty

Now that natural hair is “in” what will happen to all the wonderful community building that used to take place during the day-long hair appointments at beauty shops?¬†What Happens to Sisterhood When the Beauty Shops Are No Longer Necessary?

More beauty-in-culture reading to enjoy! More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Have a wonderful last week in July!

Week in Review: 7/15-7/21

Me Practically Melting in This Week's Heat!

A packed (and hot!) week for us…here’s what got us excited:

Why can’t the medical community finally figure out how to help us all get to a healthy weight?! Weekend Observations: Medica Community, What Gives?!

How can you not love a commute like mine when you can walk hrough an outdoor gallery with paintings like this everyday? Pic of the Week: What My Commute Looks Like

Kudos to YouTube celebrity Lauren Luke for her new, powerful campaign Disturbing But Awesome

More great beauty reading pulled from the headlines More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

A bit cooler for our New Yorkers, eh?  Enjoy the weekend!

Week in Review: 7/8-7/14

What juicy stuff did we discuss this week?  Scroll down and take a look:

What Mavis in “Young Adult” teaches us about the interplay between our outsides and insides¬†Weekend Observations: Your Outsides Do Reflect & Affect Your Insides ¬†

Do women photographers capture a woman’s beauty better? ¬†Pic of the Week: Why Women Can Capture The Beauty of Women Better¬†

A beauty pageant hosted for Holocaust survivors in Israel: What we really think about it “Holocaust Survivors” & “Beauty Pageant”: Two Phrases You Never Thought Would Go Together

More curated beauty-in-culture reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List 

Happy Bastille day!