Week in Review: 6/2-6/7

Finally back in NYC!  And Beautyskew was in full force.  Check out what we shared:
The beauty and tremendous, ancient power of blue Weekend Observations: The Majesty of Blue
Russian women are altering themselves — sometime permanently — to look like Barbies.  So weird! Pic of the Week: Looking Like Barbies — Literally!
A scientific, evolutionary reason why we think average is beautiful Beauty is All About the Average
More juicy beauty-in-culture reading we had to share More to Love: Additions to the Reading List
Enjoy you’re weekend — I know I will.  It’s my daughter’s birthday party!

Week in Review: 5/12-5/18

@Beautyskew was in full force this week:
While I haven’t gone through a total on-camera transformation, I started using a few tricks Weekend Observations: Applying the Lessons
An honest, raw perspective on modeling from a model/TED speaker Behind the Image: An Honest & Bright Model’s Story
From aging beauty contests to a history of beauty in Japan More to Love: Additions to the Reading List
I wish you all a happy weekend and to my brother, Jonny, a happy birthday!

Week in Review: 4/28-5/4

A full week in NYC!  So what happened?
How does someone who lost so much care about her beauty every day? Weekend Observations: The Strength to Move On
New news on the different types of sugars and how our bodies react to them Can the Difference Between Heavy and Thin Come Down to A Few Letters?
The beauty news that fascinated us this week More to Love: Additions to the Reading List 

Can’t wait to tell about my great style re-programming!  Stay tuned to this week’s posts

Week in Review: 4/21-4/27

Wow, how time flies 🙂  Here’s what we discussed this week @Beautyskew:
My take on all the swirl (positive and negative) around Dove’s new campaign Weekend Observations: Damned If You Do.  Damned If You Don’t
The ugly sites I think are quite beautiful in NYC Pic of the Week: What Is Beauty Anyway
The contest may be silly, but I think it’s great that Gwyneth won Why Naming Gwyneth The World’s Most Beautiful Is a Good Thing
More fascinating beauty-in-culture reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Sun’s finally coming out. Don’t forget to start using sunscreen!

Week in Review: 4/14-4/20


What happened on Beautyskew this week?  Finally, A LOT!
I finally succumbed and hired a personal shopper!  See why and what happened. Weekend Observations: I Did It…I Went Personal!
Lots of coverage on this new Dove campaign.  Check it out and see why. Pic of the Week: Self-Perception Vs. Reality
Affirmative action or new perspectives on beauty?  This story on Miss Israel delves into this very question. It’s Not Politics; It’s Beauty
More juicy beauty-in-culture reading. More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Spring has Sprung…woo hoo!


Week in Review 2/10-2/16

A full week in NYC, yay!  So what did we discuss while we were here?  See below:
Seeing my daughter relish her tiny heels reminds me of the power heels give me Weekend Observations: Our Love for Heels Starts Young
Inspiring pics from a gorgeous woman who shows us that cancer can’t take away one’s beauty Pic of the Week: Cancer Can Be Beautiful
Botox doesn’t just perk up your face. It can also perk up your spirit…really Botox: The New Mental Health Drug?
More juicy beauty-in-culture reading to enjoy this weekend More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Have hope, Spring’s around the corner!

Week in Review: 1/20-1/26

This week was filled with stories about beauties defying the odds, take a look:
Beauty queen gets a lot of press for choosing a preventative mastectomy Weekend Observations: What Else Would You Do..Jeez?!
A stigma is overcome thanks to African beauty, Thando Hopa An Albino Beauty Rises Up
Ripped-from-the-headlines beauty news More to Love: Additions to the Reading List
Have your ski wear ready?  February snowfalls are around the corner 🙂

Week in Review: 1/13-1/19

Take advantage of the nice long weekend to catch up on Beautyskew:
Kids are never too young to appreciate the beauty of Design: Weekend Observations: Even Kids Get the Design Thing
It’s not just girls who are plagued by body image issues.  We must focus on boys too Boys Feel it Too: Negative Body Image
More juicy beauty-in-culture reading in More to Love: Additions to the Reading List
Enjoy your weekend and recognize how far we’ve come as a society!  Now that’s beautiful thing 🙂

Week in Review: 1/6-1/12

SOOOO nice to be back in NYC for a while.  Had time to actually be faithful to Beautyskew again!  Check out what we shared this week:
Coming to terms (psychologically) with beautifying my home Weekend Observations: My Weekend Home Adventure
Fun pics from our Brand Bravery event! Pic of the Week: Great TED AWS Brand Bravery Party
We reviewed the top 10 beauty videos of last year.  What do they really reveal? What Do Beauty Videos Really Show Us?
Lots more to read about beauty in culture More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Rest up…lots more fun to be had next week!


Week in Review: 12/30-1/5

Happy New Year to all!  Take a look at what we shared this week @Beautyskew:
Making more of an effort for the people I love the most: Weekend Observations: Time to ay Attention Internally
Can we change our attraction to certain types of beauty by changing what we see in the media day in and day out? What’s Influencing Our Attraction to Beauty? Our Visual Diet
More great beauty-in-culture reading ripped from the headlines More to Love: Additions to the Reading List