More To Love: Additions to the Reading List

Ripped from the latest beauty-in-culture headlines:

  • Mexico is a heavy beauty market …for women AND men!

L’Oreal bets on growing Mexico beauty market

  • Woman documents her year without make-up in this new book…can you imagine?!

  • An art professor shares his experiences and philosophies on the mysteries of beauty

  • While women often bond with gay men over their relationships with straight guys, fashion and beauty; does our culture let gay men see that as license to objectify women?  A commentary on the hilarious viral video: Gay Men Will Marry your Girlfriends

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Came across some great beauty-in-culture reading this week.  Have a read:

  • Beauty is serious business, especially where science is concerned

  • So many actresses are focused on for their beauty or love lives.  But most of them are hard-working mothers who serve as role models on the screen and in real life.  Why can’t we start focusing on that side of actresses more? Here’s one good example: Sharon Leal 

  • Bobbi Brown comes out with another book.  But this time it focuses on the power of women and how make-up can help fuel that

  • Tech equipment companies go…beauty?  Yep, check out the latest from Panasonic

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Have a read of some fascinating beauty articles this week:

  • A celebration of the beauty and splendor of cinema hosted at the American Cinematheque,0,1368846.story

  • The greatest beauty of Central Park goes beyond its structures, sculptures and gardens.  It is the fact that anyone — rich or poor, New Yorker or out-of-towner, old and young alike — can bask in it.

  • Top 10 beauty videos of the past year.  Anything in common?

Top 10 beauty videos on YouTube

  • St. Louis Art Museum asks youth to rethink images of beauty, race and stereotypes

Museum program challenges students to rethink race, beauty and stereotypes

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Week in Review: 11/25-12/1

Here’s what went down @Beautyskew this week:
Ha!  If first impressions count, guess where shoes fit into the equation Weekend Observations: I Wasn’t Totally Crazy After all!
Paris Photo very well could be the best photo exhibit out there…get a taste of why Pic of the Week: The Best Photography Exhibit in the World
How some African countries have rethought the beauty contest and why Can the Beauty Part of “Beauty” Pageants Be All Too Encompassing?  
The Africans are Getting it Right
Great beauty-in-culture reading ripped from the headlines More to Love:Additions to the Reading List
Welcome December!

More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Beauty-in-culture curated for you!

  • Is complimenting someone for his/herinner beauty actually so complimentary?

  • We all have personal feelings about pageants (and many aren’t so nice).  But what do the contestants really think?  One woman went to find out and learned a lot in the process.

  • One woman’s experiment to go au natural for a whole year ,and the impact it had.

  • The beauty in unexpected, castaway things highlighted in this exhibit in Yarmouth, Cape Cod

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Here’s some juicy beauty-in-culture reading ripped from the headlines:
  • I’ve always been baffled by how many people are under-represented by beauty brands, e.g., tweens, males, and yes,  even African-Americans still.  This study shows us this in black and white

  • Russian Beauty queen slams homeland’s corruption

  • Beauty products making tempting but misleading claims…why do we still choose to believe?

  • Not only does AARP speak to their readership of 50+ in a more modern, sexy way, but even using lurid affairs as they way to get attention!

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Want to read more about beauty?  Take a look at what we curated this week:

  • Another cultural and scientific explanation for how we evaluate human beauty

  • Coca Cola and Sanofi are combining forces to develop a beauty drink

  • And if that’s not crazy enough, Brazilian model, Gisele, swears by a candy that has beauty benefits!

  • Women entering the engineering space…and not giving up on their femininity while doing so!

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Some really interesting reading this week:

  • L’Oreal launches a new beauty experience on Xbox!

  • Parents said enough is enough and forced the cancellation of town’s child beauty pageant

  • Black women and hair: the deep, cultural conversation continues

  • After being criticized by a viewer for being overweight, anchorwoman lashes back ont he Today Show

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Take a look at these bizarre and bold beauty stories!

  • In Japan, people are using anti-aging treatments to challenge notions of beauty

  • A fascinating art exhibit showing the beauty of graffiti: Beauty Is

  • Is America ready for a a new type of leading lady who looks different?  I’m betting yes!

  • The physical healing power of beauty

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