What’s with all the goofy, ugly and sometimes downright disgusting pics and images shared on Snapchat.  What POSSIBLY could be the appeal?  Are the teenagers gobbling this stuff up just a bunch of air heads?

Ah, don’t be fooled.  All of this actually is a sign of beauty.

One way to look at it is that ugliness is the other side of beauty.  We need to see both to understand and appreciate the beauty before us.

Another way to look at is, is that Snapchat serves as the antithesis of the Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit – type apps we have at our disposal.  Thanks to these apps and the digital technology accessible to all of us, we can capture and filter the world in all its glory.  We can see our selfies, back yards or sunsets in their BEST light.

But, hang on.  How realistic is that anyway?  There is something beautiful about REAL life — the everyday life that gets captured on Snapchat.  Thanks to the “ephemerality” of the app, there’s no time for filtering, posing and photo shopping.  We MUST experience a glimpse of the raw, real, unfltered side of life.  And that can be beautiful!

But, perhaps, the most beautiful aspect of Snapchat is what it offers us on a deeper level.  More and more, the world of Social is turning into a play space where — thanks to an ongoing exchange of insights, ideas and reactions from our friends —  we can “try on” and learn about selves. By having a space to test out and get a “read” on our ugly, weird, gross sides of ourselves (vs our highly filtered, beautified sides), we can learn how we eventually want to express and define ourselves.

Don’t mock the ugly.  It just may be our gateway to beauty!


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