I always like to follow the fashion model trends, as I think they not only indicate our changing notions of beauty, but, I like to believe, portend overall cultural shifts.  For instance, the sudden presence of Chinese models (and pageant contestants) shows how we are embracing additional types of beauty, but may also and illustrate China’s growing presence as a world power in general.
So when I read about a slew of new Muslim models, I was quite excited.  The Daily Beast published a piece, “The New Faces of Islam” about two new models: Hindi Sahli (from Casablanca) and Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (from Tunisia).  The employment of these women opens our eyes to other images of beauty, of course.  But it also allows us to view Muslims as more than just “the Other”, i.e., those people who come from a region of the world unfriendly to the Western world.  In other words, beauty and fashion can unite the world!
Could it be that fashion runways (deemed frivolous by the intellectual elite) be not only a sign of the times but actually spark global harmony.
Who knows?
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