Elly  Heise
Elly Heise

The cosmetics industry is massive.  Why? The answer is obvious.  For eons we, human beings, have sought to correct or enhance our beauty to attract others or portray a certain image.
What’s interesting to me is how little we actually adorn our faces.
I’m not saying we should all walk around like a bunch of make-up counter ladies who spend hours layering seemingly “natural” slabs of foundation, concealer, blush and eye shadows.
No, I’m suggesting we may have been missing a whole other side of make up.
This realization dawned on me after I read a piece in the Huffington Post about Elly Heise’s photography study of what happens when young girls apply make-up to their moms’ faces.  Did the girls create the perfect winged eye or sculpted cheek bone?  No way!  They already saw their moms as beautiful creatures who didn’t need any further enhancement.  Rather they believed their moms’ faces to be blank canvases waiting for some for fun, artistry and imagination!
Wait a second, other than Maori warriors and Boy George, very few of us actually adorn our faces like this, right?  We hide or accentuate our features in order to appear more X or less Y.
What if we truly saw our faces as the beautiful wide open spaces that they are, and play with them.  You could argue it would be inappropriate or distracting to have slashes of color on our cheeks or butterflies on our foreheads. But we wear such displays of artistry on our bodies in the form as tattoos or as decorative elements on our clothing.  If you trace fashion throughout history, we would never dare to wear a cartoon emblazoned across our chests or polka dots on our skirts.  And then things changed.
Why not for our faces too!? Maybe if we adorned our faces with the same imaginative spirit as that of our kids, we would be so much happier with our faces for the artistry they portray versus the “imperfections” we’re supposed to hide.
Who knows, maybe we can start a real trend!

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