In case you haven’t heard, Britney is TOTALLY back.  While she isn’t in the spotlight as much as she used to be (by choice), her new album, Femme Fatale, is.  She’s getting a lot of accolades.  You can’t help but cheer for her.  Why?  Because we Americans looooove a good comeback story.
I actually remember when Britney was going through her “crisis” a few years back (do shaven head, breaking car windows, and reckless driving ring a bell?)  I thought she was either terribly disturbed or a fantastic marketer…or both.  I had no doubt she would resurrect herself.  And because she hit rock bottom, her rise to stardom again would capture the hearts of Americans.
You see, we Americans are ingrained to believe that not only can you become something from nothing, but, if you happen to lose it all, you can still become someone again.
So what does this have to do with beauty?  Because as I’ve said many times before, we Americans believe beauty, like success, wealth, happiness etc., should be attainable by all.  I recall a conversation with Linda Wells, founder and editor of Allure, where she reiterated this same belief to me.  And she even wrote about in in last month’s “Letter from the Editor”.  Here’s a great quote from her piece:
“In this fine country you can become anything you want if you have a modicum of talent, a little opportunity, and an abundance of will; you can even become beautiful…In this country the way we look – along with our social and economic status – is flexible and mobile.  The idea that effort can beget beauty is incredibly tantalizing.”
So what happens if you lose your beauty – get out of shape, let your hair go, damage your skin?  Well, the beauty of America isn’t just that you can become something from nothing, but also that that nothing is irreversible!  In other words, you can, if you choose, make a comeback.
So Britney, congrats on a great comeback.  And for all of us who think we may need a comeback of our own, it doesn’t have to be dramatic.  Try starting with a trip to the gym or the CVS skin care counter.

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