If you are one of those who hate to admit that you’ve gotten Botox or are just considering it but feel that it’s, well, a bit frivolous, then THINK AGAIN.  There’s one doctor out there who says it could be good for your mental health.
How so?  Dr Eric Finzi suggests that people with tense muscles between their eyebrows are more likely to be depressed.  When he treats people with Botox there, their muscles relax and these patients stop frowning.  The biggest benefit?  Their “emotional cloud lifts.” (Turning a frown upside-down may help lessen depression)
Two theories exist: 1. when your own facial expression seems pleasant, others will treat you more pleasantly.  No surprise, you feel happier as a result of this impact you have on others.  2. When your face is molded in a more pleasant way, e.g., you are a natural smiler vs frowner, you’re emotions follow suit (something about the muscles connecting to neural circuits of some sort).
Whichever the reason, we have another reason to feel good about doing what we can to make ourselves look and feel more beautiful.

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