I applaud Jess Weiner.  After years of being a popular advocate for body acceptance, Weiner realized she had to stop accepting her own body or she would die.

In the September issue of Glamour, Weiner discusses not only how she came to terms with her need to lose weight, but also how to “come out” to her fans that she was no longer accepting her body as is (“Loving my Body Almost Killed Me“).  This was big for Jess.  After all, her career centered around promoting self-acceptance of any body shape!

What’s critical about Weiner’s story is that her issue with weight switched from being about appearance to being about health.  I’m not trying to promote excessive thinness or eating disorders.  But I am concerned that our society’s acceptance of unhealthy weight and sedentary lifestyles is harmful.  Not only is our healthcare system burdened by it, but overweight people are literally suffering from major health problems.

So what’s the answer?  Do we tax high caloric foods, like they’ve done in Hungary (“Hungary Introduces ‘Fat Tax’ (Don’t Laugh)“)?  Do we encourage companies to offer healthful foods instead of candy bars in the snack machines?  Do we totally overhaul school launch programs?

It all seems so daunting.

But little steps can have a big impact.  I believe that if I stick to a healthier diet and try to work out, I can at least serve as a role model to my children and friends.

And then they can do the same.

And so on.  And so on.

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