Last year I commended Bobbi Brown on her Pretty Powerful campaign (When Fashion and Beauty Brands Reflect Their True Role).  I expressed my admiration for her understanding the true role of beauty in our lives.  It, among other things, gives us the confidence to be creative, seduce your man, or kick some ass in the business world.

A year later I have to reference her again, as I whole-heartedly agree with her philosophy.  In a post entitled: Being Pretty Powerful is Much Bigger Than Beauty, she writes: “All women are pretty, and the key to bringing out their beauty is confidence.  While makeup shouldn’t be considered a prescription for self-confidence (that has to come from within and be developed over time), I believe that with the right tools and knowledge, makeup can help all women achieve that little ‘boost’ to help look and feel their best … instead of fighting the body you have, accept it and make the most out of it.  Focus on being healthy, strong and fit.  Commit to making smart food choices and exercise regularly.  This requires work and it’s not a quick fix, but you’ll look and feel better over the long-term.”

When I first launched Beautyskew, my mother asked, “Not everyone is beautiful, you know.”  I answered, “Maybe some think they aren’t beautiful, but everybody has beauty within them and with the right tools that can be seen on the outside too.”

It’s great to know others, like Bobbi Brown, agree!

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