This is going to sound trite but there’s nothing like a good blow out.
I’ve been separated from blow-outs for years.  After being disappointed with flat blow outs, and then being introduced to the flat-iron, I felt smarter, richer and more satisfied with doing my own do’s.  No matter how big the stage, I never felt like I was missing anything.
But the, last month, I had to present on a big stage and I wasn’t happy with my outfit (or the bod that it was covering).  So I decided to reunite with the blow-out.
Well, was I blown away.  I soon remembered what I was missing.  I looked GREAT.  Maybe my dress wasn’t killer and I wasn’t in the best shape possible, but my voluminous, shiny hair looked KILLER! (It’s hard to tell from the pic but use your imagination.)
And I TOTALLY believe it gave me the added confidence I needed to ace my presentation.
Fast forward to a few days ago, and I was back on stage.  This time I had much less time to prep for the talk and I barely slept the night before.  While I could have used the extra hour of sleep, I dragged myself to the salon for a rockin’ head of hair.
Was it worth it? Absolutely!
So what if all the teasing and hair spray resulted in my hair looking strange the following days.  So what if I was running onto the stage with a few minutes to spare.  So what if I could have used that time to practice.  Because that blow out gave me the major boost (not just to my roots :)) that I needed to kick ass!
While I am certainly not going to turn into a weekly-blow-out kinda gal, I have definitely reignited my love affair with great hair.  Come next month when I’m on the MEGA stage, there is NO WAY my hair won’t get the attention it deserves.
All hail the blowout!

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