While blondes still get a bad rap for being “ditzy,” they’re laughing all the way to the bank.  According to a study conducted by U.K.’s Superdrug chain, blondes out-earn brunettes and redheads in the workplace (“Blondes Earn More than Brunettes and Redheads”).  Interesting to note that blondes complain more than brunettes and redheads that they aren’t taken seriously at work — even though they make more dough.
Yet, there have always been some blondes who played the ditzier image to their advantage.  Recall my post from a few months ago, “When Blondes Diss Blondes“?  In it I question why successful, bright blondes reinforce the ditzy stereotype.  I realized then that this furthering of the negative image was actually a smart move on their part since this non-threatening behavior may allow them to take advantage of situations they otherwise would have been left out of.
Now don’t think blondes have an unfair advantage just because of the color of their hair.  According to this research, blondes have the highest percentage of college and master degrees and, among the three groups, they are the most socially engaging both with colleagues and clients.
Unfortunately for me, I look terrible as a blonde (except maybe in the Lady Gaga white blonde wig I bought at Ricky’s :)).  But even if some of us look horrible in light locks, maybe there are a few lessons we can take from our blonde friends: 1. don’t take ourselves so seriously, 2. socialize in the office and 3. get a second degree.

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