“The marriage of beauty and technology changes us. It leads us to transcendent moment of magic and innovation.”

This is a quote from a fascinating article in Forbes by John Nosta, It’s Healthy when Beauty and Technology Collide.  There’s no question that we’re often more attracted to technology that isn’t merely functional, but beautiful too.  That’s we love gorgeous cars, iPhones and even vacuum cleaners! (Well, maybe just the Dyson ones).

But this attraction to beautiful technology doesn’t just have commercial implications, i.e., greater consumption, but may actually make us healthier.

How so?  If you’re following so much of the new tech being developed, a lot of it is health related, e.g., Nike Fuel Band which tracks your daily activities.  But because these technologies are looking and feeling beautiful, they inspire us to not just buy more of them but USE them more often!

And, obviously, the more we use them, the more  we are a. aware of our health and b. likely to take care of ourselves (jog, eat more veggies, breathe deeper…you get the idea).

Yes, beauty does matter.

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