Throughout my posts, I sprinkle a research study here and there that scientifically proves certain “truths” about our relationship to beauty.
I’m going to list some of these truths, a number of which you may recall from past posts, and some may be new to you.
Here we go….
1. Women’s brain activity has been shown to increase when they are told they are being admired by men, Face It
2. Male brains register more activity when viewing women they consider attractive, Face It
3. Newborns prefer beautiful faces, Facial Aesthetics: babies prefer attractiveness to symmetry”
4. 52% of women would rather go without sex for a summer than gain 10 pounds, NutriSystem Poll Who Needs To Diet When You Can Have Good Sex?
5. People are deemed more attractive when they wear red Why red? (9/16/10)
6. Attractiveness increases when combined with positive behavior, The Halo Effect: Evidence for Unconscious Alteration of Judgements”
7. Only a small handful of women across the world think of themselves as beautiful “The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report”
8. Brits (both men and women) think women are their most beautiful at the age of 31. How Old is Beautiful (8/2/10)
9. Familiarity breeds greater attractiveness ratings What’s Being the Pleasure of Beauty? (11/8/10)
10. When people are more mindful their actions, they experience a physiology effect  Mindfulness May Make Us More Beautiful (11/4/10)

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