source: L.A. Times Magazine

What is beautiful?  The human being’s unique ability to turn ugliness into splendor. Take Clare Graham’s creations from garbage and discarded materials as proof (see article in L.A. Times Magazine entitled Wonderama).

To develop something beautiful out of something ugly not only means there’s one lovelier thing to look at.  It demonstrates our ability to change ourselves, our destinies, and the world around us.

Of course we’re not changing the world everyday, but we can still be reminded of this potential thanks to the beauty we see around us.  It can be as small as what you create tonight for dinner or as grand as Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.  It’s as obvious as Geoffrey Canada’s turnaround of Harlem schools or as quiet as my older son’s painting framed in my office.  It’s as striking as a Zak Posen gown or as cute as a braid in my daughter’s hair.

So let’s appreciate the big or little examples of beauty around us because, in effect, we’re celebrating the amazing possibility of humankind.

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