Beauty in the workplace — good or bad?  This has been a theme of a few of my earlier posts (Did Newsweek Get It Right and Beauty Discrimination: Finally Fighting Back)  All theories on the matter say it’s mixed.

A recent article by Express in the U.K., Beauty Harms Women Applying for Jobs, raises this topic again but focuses on the role of beauty in jobs perceived to be more “masculine,” like finance, research and development, or engineering.  As you may have picked up from the article’s title, beauty is NOT an asset in these worlds.

Why am I bringing up this point again?  Because what I didn’t point out before is that all jobs are NOT created equal.  Sure, being attractive for many industries, like service, helps quite a lot.  But let’s face it, to gain true equality in the workplace, women need to show their chops in the “masculine” fields — politics, business and science.  So when research indicates that a woman’s beauty or voluptuousness are rejected in these domains, the discrimination stings that much more.  Because what they’re really rejecting is our femininity — our female-ness.  And that’s a serious problem.

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