Okay, Okay, as BeautySkew’s resident blonde contributor, it ‘s about time that I chime in on the discussion pertaining to the taboos of one’s hair color. Maybe it’s my “Millennial Mindset”, but I personally can’t recall a specific time or instance where I truly felt as though my hair color has ever been at my disadvantage; however, denying that there isn’t a negative social stigma associated with blonde women would just be a flat-out lie.
Sure, statistics may show that blondes out-earn their darker-haired peers and have obtained the highest percentage of college degrees; yet, the social construct of the “Dumb Blonde” is far from dissipating.
But, the question remains, is that such a bad thing?
Abigail’s post, “When Blondes Diss Blondes”, touched on the topic of how one can use this stereotype to their advantage.  She elaborated on the notion of how these women (primarily in business settings) effectively use the “unthreatening” nature associated with blondeness to put people at ease, which in turn, elevates their status.  While I think Abby certainly has a valid and true point, I honestly don’t believe that is where blondes take the most advantage of, well, being blonde.
A lot of readers are probably going to disagree with my next opinion, and to be perfectly frank, I’m hesitant to bring this argument to the table; however, it needs to be said. I believe that there is a distinct confidence that goes hand-in-hand with being blonde, furthermore, I think this confidence is a direct result of the stereotype. I mean, how often is the blonde ugly in a “blonde joke?”
Please don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way, shape or form trying to make the argument that blondes are more attractive than brunettes or red-heads. I’m merely stating that society has constructed “The Blonde Bimbo” or “The Blonde Bombshell” as inherently attractive, and that in most situations these fair-haired women use it to their advantage. Let’s get real: We all know there is absolutely no scientific evidence that hair color has any correlation with intelligence, so the joke is essentially, just that – a joke.  Personally, I’m laughing it up…all the way to the bank.

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