All the new tech gadgetry is no doubt fun and cool.  But there’s a price: we are on display like never before.  Our lives, pics, daily musings and interactions are available to anyone, anytime.
And now we can’t even have a phone conversation looking like a schlub.  Thanks to Skype, cameras on phones and video capabilities with EVERY new device, the days of audio-only phone conversations are over.
So how can we muster the strength to look “phone worthy” all the time?  Thankfully celebrity hair stylist Louis Lacari gives us some tips via iVillage (“How to Look Good on Face Time”).
They are:
1.”Don’t try to look perfect, just look good.”  Spend a few seconds combing your hair or adding a touch of gloss — kinda like what you’d do when running from one meeting to the next.
2. “Posture and body language count.”  Sit/stand up straight.  Don’t slouch.
3. “Find a good angle and practice your pose.”  Sounds like work, eh?  But we all sorta know from endless picture taking which angle works best so try it out.  Personally, remembering to this will distract me so I may leave it off my list.
4. “You must always be aware that you are on camera.”  Don’t multi-task…its rude.
5. “It is most important to remember your natural smile.”  Look positive, not too thoughtful as it could make you look angry…or maybe like you have a migraine.
It’s not enough that we have to learn these new gadgets but we have to look good while using them!  Oh well, at least we’re all in the same boat.  And never again will some poor schmoe, thinking he’s landed the hottest girl on the planet, carry on an internet relationship with a beer-bellied guy in his underwear.

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