A couple of weeks ago I tweeted an article about a new cosmetics line, FaceLube, created for men. What made this brand so interesting is that it’s distributed in automotive shops so as to seem as masculine as possible.

Immediately after sending the tweet, I got a strong reaction (which I love, btw :)) from a male friend of mine.  He “accused” me of furthering the emasculation that young American men are feeling/experiencing already thanks to today’s economic situation and changing gender dynamics.

On the heels of that reaction, I recently read an article by a self-proclaimed feminist on the growing, albeit still somewhat small, usage of male beauty products (“Welcome to the Dollhouse: Men and Beauty Products“).  The author rebuffs the belief that men’s wearing of cosmetics is a sign of gender “subversion.” Instead, she says these products tend to enhance men’s conventional masculine looks.  She goes on to criticize the trend, however, saying it will force men to be judged on appearance more so than ever.

My response to both sets of “concerns” is the same.  Men need ANYTHING to help them feel more confident and successful.  If it happens to be getting more digital training, pursuing new hobbies, or, in this case, using tools to help them look great, who cares?  True, men aren’t judged on appearance as much as women, but they still use their looks to help them an edge.  If there are brands out there to help them out, is that bad?

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