Just out: a new study from the University of British Columbia proves that attractive people are “seen more accurately”.   The research asked the subjects to identify the personality traits of attractive and less attractive people after hanging with them for a few minutes.  Not only did the subjects attribute more positive traits (no news here…scientists call it the “halo effect”), but they could more easily discern the actual personality traits of the prettier people.
My 2 responses to that:
1. Could it be that the more attractive people are more confident given society’s overall appreciation for pretty people, and with that confidence they feel more able to reflect their true selves?
2. Maybe we all don’t want to be perceived so accurately!  And I’m not just talking about those few spies out there.  I’m talking about regular folks who may have some not so desirable traits that they may need to hide from others, like my lack of patience or fear of failure.
I always thought a little mystery makes us ALL more attractive, no?  So maybe being a little uglier will make us the most desirable!

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