Just got clued into a new book, Let’s Face It, written by psychologist and former dancer and model, Vivian Diller, PhD. The book helps women face their fears  of loss of beauty as they age.

While I haven’t read it yet, I have coincidentally come across a few of Diller’s posts and have gotten a taste of her point of view.  In her post, Beauty Tips for the Body and Soul: What Really Makes Women Attractive?, she lists the top four ways to increase attractiveness based on hundreds of interviews with all walks of life, including “beautiful people”: aka models, actresses and dancers.

Here we go:

1. Confidence: poise, and self-assuredness

2.  Flexibility: no, not doing the downward doggie, but being open-minded and letting go of a rigid image of beauty that no longer fits you.  Enjoy your look at every age and don’t fight it too much.

3. A radiant smile: A big smile has been reported as the single most attractive feature in a woman

4. Focusing on your assets versus problem areas: If you have great legs but a big tummy, embrace the hell out of the legs.  Take your favorite features and embellish them until the cows come home.  And whatever you do, don’t harp on the stuff you don’t like.

Nothing REALLY new but it’s always good to be reminded, right?  Thanks Dr. Diller.

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