I have to admit I am a bit of a New York snob, especially when I see all the amazingly accomplished, funny, nice, brilliant and beautiful women around me.

But I have to say, I was utterly stumped at the idiocy of some of my New York sisters after I read the New York Times article, “Are You As Fertile as You Look?”  The story is about youthful looking, vital women in their 40’s who are surprised that they’re not as fertile as their bodies appear.

Well duh!

Ok, ok I shouldn’t be such a bitch to my New York friends.  Even women from other states feel this way too.


Didn’t we all take high school biology?  Or at least read a Glamour magazine article or two during the past few decades?

The maturity of our eggs happens whether we’re couch potatoes or gym rats, beasts or beauty queens.  Face it, our eggs age just like we do.

I truly feel awful for the many women trying to conceive in their 40’s.  As someone who had a mildly frustrating go at conception a few times (but luckily ended up pregnant), I can imagine how tough it is.  I’m not trying to be mean.  I just want to send a wake-up call to our younger sisters out there who may be waiting until they’re more “ripe.”  Please, remember the simple biology of our reproductive organs and don’t wait too long.  It just might be too late.

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