Yup, in the city of Chengdu, young, attractive females are being recruited for the police force.  The March issue of Marie Claire reported that the city wanted to hire only hotties between the ages 18-22, 5’ 2” or taller, and with “all five facial features in the proper order.”  The reason?  To overcome the force’s “brutal” reputation.
What’s the thinking here?  That if you’re a beautiful, young Chinese woman then you must be a more pleasant or a more peaceful person?
Talk about looks-based discrimination!  And according to the article, this type of discrimination is spreading around China.  In Hunan province, for example, city officials demanded that female civil servants have symmetrical breasts!
The good news is that this perfect tits requirement incensed so many people in Hunan province that the city dropped the initiative.
Could this be a little example of democracy creeping its way into China?
Hmmmm.  And it’s all thanks to people’s reactions to beauty!

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