When I read the article, “Dress Code Discrimination: Different Figure, Different Rules?” I couldn’t help but nod my head throughout the entire piece.  The story is about weight discrimination.  The author, Kristen Houghton, writes about her friend who adopts the uniform of the season, i.e., leggings and tunics, but was told that she dressed inappropriately because of her weight.  To be more specific, her manager told her that her outfit accentuated her curves too much.  She was outraged and went up the ladder to get her manager in deep shit.

While I haven’t suffered from that exact form of discrimination, I relate to the story.  In my past life, I could wear a simple shortish skirt and get a “talking to.”  And believe me, I’m no Kim Kardashian or Victoria’s Secret model, but I still got my share of comments from the boss.  Unlike the heroine of this article, I would usually go home after such incidents, cry and then go buy more modest, frumpy clothes.

I’m not trying to get the world to wear hooker outfits to work, but I think we need to be more open-minded to all body types and let people express themselves.

Plus, if we let people express themselves in the ways that are most natural for them, they’ll be happier and more creative as a result.  This translates to more productivity and a better bottom line (no pun intended!)

So, you bosses out there, just let people be who they are and wear what they want.  Everyone will benefit in the end.

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