Individual Sense of Style

Sitting among 4 older boys playing a game of Monopoly is my daughter Laila.  She is decked out in blue footsie pj’s and a Yankees hat, rim facing the side.  While I’m used to her tomboy fashion sense, I still marvel at how un-girly her style is given how much I loved dressing up Barbies and fantasizing about being a glamazon when I was her age.

Everyone’s response to my concern for Laila’s style is:  “What do you expect, she has 2, very boyish older brothers!”   Or “She’ll grow out of it as she matures.”  Yeah, yeah, I get this but I know plenty of people who aren’t influenced by their siblings’ style at all.

So what’s at the root of our “senses of style” anyway?  The notion of an individual sense of style is bandied about all the time in fashion and beauty mags.  “Dress to match your style”, or “How to express your style in the workplace”, or “Don’t squelch your sense of style”, blah, blah, blah.  But where or how does our sense of style form in the first place? Is it related to our body types, i.e., I have broad shoulders so I might as well embrace a more masculine look, or I have a tiny waist so I’m a fifties chick all the way….?

Or does it have to do with upbringing?  My mom isn’t a particularly frilly dresser and neither am I.  But then again, my sister is pretty preppy and I’m more rocker chick.  Does some synapses form prenatally that are predisposed to Helmut Lang versus Tory Burch?

Maybe a few brain scans, infant observations and cognitive test are in order?  Ha, ha.

But seriously, does anyone have an explanation?


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