Week 13 of 30lbs in 30 weeks. +2 lbs  // -4lbs total

I almost forgot to post today. It’s not that this isn’t important to me, it’s just that I have so many projects right now. It is hard to prioritize.

The coming month is one I have been eagerly anticipating and dreading for months. I have known for awhile now that my current employment situation would be coming to an end at the end of February. This past year I have been working at a large traditional advertising agency. The job got very stressful and many of the things I like to do for personal and professional development fell very low on the list of priorities. Prior to my entre into the agency world, I was the co-owner of a boutique web development and online marketing firm. I loved what I did, and transitioning to a traditional job was a big and difficult decision.

I now find myself facing another difficult decision. Do I look for full time employment? And if so, what exactly do I want to be doing? Or, do I try to strike out on my own? Obviously, both decisions come with advantages and pitfalls, and neither feels entirely in my control. Will I find the job that is a good fit for my skills and background and will they want me? Can I make enough money quickly enough on my own steam? This is all compounded with certain aspects of my personal life. Are kids in my future? Will I be able to find a good work-life balance? And don’t even get my started on the issues with my dog.

I have been looking forward to March because I have SO many projects and no time. I am working on the job search and my own business ideas concurrently. I have also been looking forward to have time to exercise, go to the doctor, the dentist, have lunch with friends, travel, go to SXSW(!), do my home improvement projects, write letters, make art, genealogy … the list goes on. To be honest, it is the unpredictability of the next few weeks (months?) that is driving me bananas. I feel in a rush to accomplish things, but I am not working with any hard deadlines. I am going to have to be very disciplined about dividing my time and making very clear goals for myself. I have been described as a straight arrow; I just need to know where I am pointing the bow.

The good news is, I should have more time to shop for the right foods. Time to cook and prepare them. And, time to go to the gym.

Anybody out there dealt with a period of unemployment or a major change in their life. Do you have any tips to help keep me focused and give me a little direction?


Karen Propp is an artsy-fartsy digital geek who sees beauty in a different way. She chronicles the pursuit of happiness and  her weight loss project, 30lbs in 30 weeks, in a weekly feature. You can read the introduction here and follow her journey here. You can also follow Karen on twitter @karen_propp.


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