Week 12 of 30lbs in 30 weeks. – 1.5 lbs  // -6lbs total

My husband, Dave, will kill me for talking about him here, but here goes. I am so excited about my recent weight loss and the steps that got me there. I have lost 6lbs in the past week and a half and 1 1/2 inches around my waist. I know it likely doesn’t show yet, but it feels great. I made the mistake the other day of asking Dave if my stomach looked any smaller. I should have known better. I couldn’t help it. I have always been someone who thrived on praise. I want the gold star. There is a Hallmark commercial out now where different people tell the camera what they need to hear. Mine would be, “Tell me you’re proud of me.”

Well, Dave’s style is much different. He is very cautious. He’s a “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” kind of guy. And then after they hatch, he might say, “well let’s see how long they survive” and “don’t get your hopes up, they might not produce eggs.” For him, this isn’t negativity. Rather, he is managing his expectations. This helps him avoid disappointment. It also serves as a motivation for him; that the goal is still something to strive for. In the case of a goal like mine, progress is good, but don’t assume that means that the end is in sight; don’t think you can just coast. So, his response to my question, “Does my stomach look any smaller?” is “You still have a ways to go.” This seemingly insensitive statement is really his way of saying “You go girl! You’re on your way. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get there.”

I know he was telling me he is proud of me, he believes in me, in his own weird way, and I am glad I have his support. It would have been nice to get an “Oh my god, yes! You look amazing,” but I don’t really wish he’d lie and say he sees something he doesn’t. I guess I just wish the change in my size looked as dramatic as the change I feel inside.

Next time I ask that question, it will be to a girlfriend. I know she may be lying, but it will be just what I needed to hear.


Karen Propp is an artsy-fartsy digital geek who sees beauty in a different way. She chronicles the pursuit of happiness and  her weight loss project, 30lbs in 30 weeks, in a weekly feature. You can read the introduction here and follow her journey here. You can also follow Karen on twitter @karen_propp.


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