Week 10 of 30lbs in 30 weeks. – .1 lbs
Ten weeks into 30lbs in 30 weeks and weight-wise, I am pretty much in the same place I started. Although, I am 10lbs behind on the weight goal, other things are going well. I do feel more energetic and have been prioritizing exercise and wiser eating decisions. Even as I am making bad decisions or just repairing old habits, I am more conscious of what I am doing.
I realize it may be awhile before I hit my goal and in the meantime, I need to work with what I’ve got. Recently, I spent sometime online shopping for new clothes. I want a few things that I feel good in when I go out as well as a couple interview appropriate items. I have a hard time shopping online. It is hard for me to envision what things will look like on me. Especially when they have models so tiny that anything would look good on them. Does this drape-y dress/shirt look as cute in a size 10 or I am going to look like I am wearing a muumuu? One thing I find helpful is knowing your shape. I am a pear.
While looking for clothes with this in mind, I ran into some articles that suggest there is scientific evidence to support the idea that different shapes should approach diet and exercise differently. The bad news is that it can be harder for us pears to lose weight, especially that ugly, dimply fat around our hips. The good news is that we tend to be at a lower risk for many of the health issues an apple shape might encounter.
I have avoided it up to this point, but I feel ready to take on more of a diet and exercise regimen. Diets recommended for pears are low in fat. Some of the recommendations are “clean” diets or “fat flushing” diets. I have a few diets in mind, including The Fat Flush, that I will evaluate this week and report back next week with which one I decide to proceed with.
Have you tried dieting with you shape in mind? I’d love to hear about your experiences and any lessons learned.
Karen Propp is an artsy-fartsy digital geek who sees beauty in a different way. She chronicles the pursuit of happiness and  her weight loss project, 30lbs in 30 weeks, in a weekly feature. You can read the introduction here and follow her journey here. You can also follow Karen on twitter @karen_propp.

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