I thought I’d seen it all.  And then I flipped through my feed of beauty-related articles and landed on a story about beer and men. Now, that’s not unusual.  But when you hear about how the beer brand is talking to men, you’ll see what I mean.

Carlsberg beer is launching a line of beauty products!  Yep, you heard it here.  The idea is to tie the brand to health and wellness.  How is the beer healthy? It’s own key ingredients, namely vitamin B and silicium, are supposed to be good for ya.  Developing a beauty line further reinforces the brand’s association with beauty.

As strange as it sounds, I love it! First, I think it’s great that men can have access to beauty products meant for them.  There’s such a dearth of these types of products. Second, I think the more men think about their beauty and, by extension, their bodies, they will be more attuned to them.  And this means they might just take their own health more seriously.  Finally, connecting beauty with wellness, while not a new story, is awesome.  People forget the beneficial side to beauty.  We often think spending too much time on our beauty is frivolous and demeaning.  I get it.  But focusing on beauty also ensures our health.  The more we connect with our physical selves –protect them and it maintain them, the more we will want to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

Coincidentally, in the same feed was article after article about CVS’s continual move towards a health and wellness positioning in the marketplace.  Not only have they added more health services and better food options over the years, but they stopped stocking cigarettes around a year ago. They took a big hit for this.  And since then, I’ve been much more loyal to the store.

Now CVS is investing big in another wellness area.  You guessed it: beauty.  They are adding beauty experts, more products, and brands catering to ethnic minorities.  To them, a focus on beauty is another example of a focus on health.

The jury is out whether Carlsberg is just too ahead of its time or whether it’s bold, category breaking move will turn this brand into the most talked about brand of the year.  No matter what, I think it’s pretty damn cool that Carlsberg was is future-forward and believes in the power of beauty.

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