What’s with all the beauty pageants in Zimbabwe? And they are a bit off the charts: Miss Curvy, Miss Legs, and Miss Parade, to name a few.  This article attempts to answer it.  But the story didn’t  answer it for it for me.
Is this upswing in pageants an indication that modeling industry has ballooned?  Nah.
Some people see it as a way to objectify women while others see it as a way to give them more opportunity.
And  to make matters worse, there’s your share of charlatans that get in the way.
Honestly, I’m scratching my head.  I wonder if all the pageants are a sign that the society is trying to navigate how to deal with new attitudes towards women.  After all, our own country embraced MANY pageants over a century ago.  That was around the same time that women were starting to assert their independence.  Perhaps, as backward and demeaning as it sounds, Zimbabwe’s explosion of pageants is a sign of just that.  Women ascending in society based off of beauty may seem antiquated but it’s a start to many other forms of eventual progress.

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